Keepin' The Dream Alive

Keepin' the Dream Alive is designed to help young people out in the world to know and understand that anything is possible.  As long as you have faith and trust in God.  I just want to be able to reach out to atleast one person and let them know that their dreams do not have to only remain dreams, but can definitely become reality!! Hard work and dedication are two more things that will get you to that destination!! I am currently working on making my dreams come to reality extremely hard, and I know that this hard work is going to pay off really soon.  I just want to encourage you all to go out and stop sitting around and make things happen.  In honor of the Sit-In Movement, they sat down, so that others could STAND UP.  Most of us fail to realize that it is only us, ourselves, whom are our biggest obstacles.  With that being said, NO more excuses!!!

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